"orang kreatif selalu ingin mengetahui segala hal. karena dia tahu bahwa semua hal itu dapat menimbulkan ide baru, tetapi ia tidak tahu kapan akan muncul. namun, dia percaya hal itu akan terjadi."

[TASK 1] Grades encourage students to learn

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Grades encourage students to learn. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Education is one of the most important factors in the development of every country. Therefore, many suggestions have been applied to improve effectively the quality of education and help the students have better scholastic achievements. I believe that grading students is also a good ways to encourage them to learn harder.

For one thing, grading students appears to be the only methods to measure the students’ abilities in study. At universities, there are often many students in each class. Thus, the professors can only evaluate them by tests and examinations. Looking into the test marks, students are able to know which subjects they are good at and which subjects they need to improve. Moreover, in the final exams, the professors will give them problems that cover all of things that they have learned in that term, or even including the knowledge of former terms. If they concentrate on what their teachers teach, review at home and read more books in the libraries, they will get the highest grades. In reverse, the students who do not usually attend classes and use their time at home for other activities, will receive lower marks. If they fail, they have to pay more money and time to study these courses again. Therefore, students must try hard to get the best grades.

Furthermore, having good grades helps the students to find better jobs in future. If a company looks into the resumes of two students, it is obviously that the student who has better scholastic achievement will receive more attention. Getting higher marks proves that he has an appropriate method to study, or maybe he is more intelligent than the another student. Hence, he works for the company more effectively. Therefore, he may be offered an important position with a higher salary.

Finally, if the students have good grades, they will receive a lot of affection from their parents, their relatives and their acquaintances. A businessman who earns billions of dollars every year, is considered to be successful. A football player who brings his team many goals in a season, has many admires from his fans. Similarly, a student who has better scholastic results, will receive the fondness of other people. He becomes his parents’ pride. He will be provided the best conditions to get better education. This is the motive for him to learn harder and harder.

In short, because good marks can give students many advantages in studying at universities, as well as in finding jobs, I strongly agree with the statement that marks are able to encourage them to learn.


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