"orang kreatif selalu ingin mengetahui segala hal. karena dia tahu bahwa semua hal itu dapat menimbulkan ide baru, tetapi ia tidak tahu kapan akan muncul. namun, dia percaya hal itu akan terjadi."

[TASK 4] Should government spend more money on improving public transportation

should government spend more money on improving roads and highways or should government spend more money on improving public transportation. why? use spesifik reasons. and details to develop your essay.

It is a very crucial question about spending money more on transportation or on improving roads and highways. In my view, improving roads and highways are more important than spending money on improving public transportation.

If there are good roads and transportation, public transportation will be automatically improved. Accidents will be less and commute time will be less. So people will like to travel by public transportation. It will lead more money which will improve investment on public transportation.
For progress of any country, transportation system plays a very important role. Efficient transportation system attracts more investment in an area. Raw material can be transported from any part of the world. Labor can come from any part of country. Good transportation system is not only good for public(cheap, comfortable and frequent services) or for industry (to get raw material and labor) but also for government (revenue).

However, improving transportation, People will use more public transportation which helps in saving money and resources. Instead of using their own car, people will prefer to go by buses which consumes less diesel or petrol and it will lead less traffic on roads. But it can be achieved my improving roads and highway conditions also. If roads are good and connectivity is more, people prefer to go by public transports which lead more investment in public transportation. More public transportation attracts more people to travel on public transports and it will lead less traffic on roads and saving of resources.

In conclusion, I think improvement on roads and improvement in public transports are complimentary to each other. But improving on roads should be ultimate goal of government because it leads more transportation automatically. Less traffic, less accident and good connectivity will improve people preferences to go by public transportation.


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